MAIO – Architectural office based in Barcelona

MAIO is an architectural office based in Barcelona and New York that works on spatial systems that permit theoretical positions materialize. The practice has developed a wide range of projects, from housing blocks or urban planning to furniture or exhibition design.

MAIO’s members combine professional activities with academic, research and editorial ones. They have been in charge of the magazine Quaderns d’Arquitectura i Urbanisme (2011-16), and currently teach at Columbia GSAPP, the Architectural Association and the School of Architecture of Barcelona ETSAB/ETSAV.

MAIO has lectured at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Barbican Center, GSAPP-Columbia University, RIBA, UC Berkeley, Yale School of Architecture and Piet Zwart Institute among other places. MAIO’s work has been published in magazines such as Domus, AIT, Volume, Blueprint, A10 and Detail, and exhibited at the MOMA of New York, the Guggenheim Bilbao, the Art Institute of Chicago and Storefront for Art and Architecture. Lately MAIO has participated at Venice Biennial 2016 in the Spanish Pavillion, awarded with the golden Lion, at Chicago Architecture Biennial (2015 & 2017 editions) and co-curated a Weekend Special at the Biennale di Venezia 2014 together with SPACE CAVIAR and DPR-Barcelona.

MAIO is run by Maria Charneco, Alfredo Lérida, Guillermo López and Anna Puigjaner, who recently has been nominated finalist of the Rolex Mentor & Protégé Initiative 2016 and awarded with the Wheelwright Prize, Harvard GSD.

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  • 44 Low-resolution Houses, Princeton University School of Architecture.
  • Tempietto Exemplum, Yale School of Architecture.
  • Biennale d'Architecture d'Orléans #1
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  • Westopia. Villa Vertua Masolo. Nova Milanese. Italy
  • When in Rome. The Practice Space. RIBA. London
  • A minor Architecture. Espacio Valverde. Madrid.
  • W.I.P. (Work In Progress) Exhibition for DEMO Festival. DADA Studios Gallery. Barcelona.
  • “Re-Constructivism Architecture” exhibition. Lerimonti Gallery, New York.
  • “Letters to the Major” exhibition. Lisbon Architecture Triennial, Lisbon. 
  • Oslo Architecture Triennale. Guided Tour by MAIO On Residence Exhibition. Oslo, Norway.
  • 1a Festivala de Arquitectura Especulativa. Girona, Spain.
  • “Occupied” exhibition. RMIT Design Hub. Melbourne.
  • “Sharing Models: Manhattanisms” exhibition. Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York.
  • “Unfinished”exhibition, Spanish Pavillion. La Biennale di Venezia. Awarded with Golden Lion for Best National Pavillion.
  • “The Way Things Go” exhibition. Monoambiente Gallery, Buenos Aires.
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  • Measure” exhibition. Storefront for Art and Architecture. New York, EUA.
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  • “Strategies for Public Occupation” exhibition. Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York.
  • Finalist. FAD Award, architecture. 22 Dwelling Housing block in Barcelona.
  • Selected work. EU Mies Van Der Rohe Awards 2016. 22 Dwelling Housing block in Barcelona.
  • Selected work for Barcelona City Awards 2017. 22 Dwelling Housing block in Barcelona.
  • First Prize. FAD Award for Ephemeral Architecture 2015. Species of Spaces, exhibition display at MACBA, Barcelona.
  • Honoured Mention. Proxima/Arquia Awards 2014-15 ARQUIA Foundation. Bar Nou Restaurant, Barcelona.
  • Selected work. Proxima/Arquia Awards 2014-15 ARQUIA Foundation. Pool, Menorca; Species of Spaces, exhibition display at MACBA, Barcelona; "De copias y Fantasmas" Fundació Suñol, Barcelona; Micro-U Vallcarca. Public square in Barcelona; Exhibition display system for Massana School of Design, Barcelona.
  • Wheelwright Prize. Harvard GSD.
  • Finalist, Rolex Mentor & Protégé Initiative.
  • First Prize. FAD Award, critical theorism / Quaderns.
  • Finalist. FAD Award, interiorism / Exhibition display system.
  • First Prize. Arquia/Proxima Awards Research 2014 ARQUIA Foundation / Quaderns.
  • First Prize. FAD Award opinion prize, interiorism / Conversion of a washing place into a studio, Barcelona.
  • Finalist. XII Beau Spanish Architecture / Conversion of a washing place into a studio, Barcelona.
  • First Prize. Housing project in Barcleona. Private competition.
  • First Prize ex-aequo competition "Les Portes de Collserola / Porta 3 Sarrià" . Barcelona City Council.
  • Finalist. Arquia/Proxima Awards 2012 ARQUIA Foundation / Floating.
  • First Prize competition "How much does your building weigh?". "Urban Activators Workshop" by Festival Internacional de Arquitectura eme3 / Floating Activators.
  • Finalist. Proxima/Arquia Awards 2008-09 ARQUIA Foundation. Intervention at Casa Sambola’s Courtyard.
  • Selected work. Proxima/Arquia Awards 2008-09 ARQUIA Foundation. Exhibition XII Girona Archi- tecture Awards in Pia Almoina Building.
  • First Prize LampLight Solutions. Award for Urban and Lanscascape Lighting. Exhibition XII Girona Architecture Awards in Pia Almoina Building.
  • Special Mention at the Congress of Spanish Architects. Category: Futurs. Award: New Working Fields CSCAE. Intervention at Cúndaro Street.
  • Finalist. FAD Award for Ephemeral Architecture 2007. Intervention at Cúndaro Street.
  • Finalist. LampLight Solutions. Award for Real Solutions. Intervention at Cúndaro Street.
  • First Prize. Girona College of Architects Awards 2007 for Ephemeral Architecture. Intervention at Cúndaro Street.
  • Finalist. FAD Award for Ephemeral Architecture 2006. Intervention at Casa Sambola’s Courtyard.
  • Finalist. Girona College of Architects Awards 2006 for Ephemeral Architecture. Intervention at Casa Sambola’s Courtyard.
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  • ETSAB. Barcelona School of Architecture, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum, Basilea, Switzerland.
  • Arch Lecture, UC Berkeley, EUA.
  • RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, EUA.
  • Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  • Atelier Clerici, Milano, Italy.
  • COAC Colegio de Arquitectos de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.
  • A Coruña School of Architecture, A Coruña, Spain.
  • Harvard GSD, Massachussets, EUA.
  • EASD, Valencia, Spain.
  • GSAPP, Columbia University, New York , EUA.
  • Yale School of Architecture, EUA.
  • Forum IV Arquia/Proxima Granada, Spain.
  • Washington University, St. Louis, EUA.
  • FAU Lisboa, Portugal.
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12,5 m Table
MAIO Studio

The project involves the conversion of a space that formerly housed a washing place into an open studio for professionals from different fields of architecture and design.

The existing 40-meter long building was a continuous space, with variable sections and extremely poor lighting. Hence, the proposal focuses on the opening of a patio, literally conceived as an outer room, to improve the interior lighting. This outer room divides the 40 meters of the initial space into two areas. The front area is open to the street and left empty to accommodate activities related to the public, such as meetings, events, exhibitions… – while the rear side houses a long table and is intended as the main workspace.

Two tables are the core elements of the project and allow that all the activity takes place around them and also the apparition of unexpected synergies among its users. In fact, these tables have been designed as generators of community and their formalization responds to the different activities of both areas. In the front part, meetings, discussions, make table stands to be minimally invasive with those who sit around. The rear table, 12.5 meters long, has been manufactured as a single uninterrupted piece that allows users to sit along and share their work and experiences directly.We like to explain our office as our table, a cocreative continuum where everything is shared and where an horizontal hierarchy is stablished.

The thickness and warmth of the three new, large windows opened in the patio has been carefully undertaken, making it a place to stay that allows enjoying the outer space while simultaneously turning intermediate thresholds into habitable spaces.

The rest of the space is respected without being substantially modified. It has only changed by means of white paint, thereby minimally affecting a place which is still present in the popular memory of both the neighborhood and its inhabitants.

Architects MAIO 

Team Anna Puigjaner,  Guillermo Lopez

Photo José Hevia

Situation Barcelona, Spain

Year 2011-2012

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